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Make it catchy with a few words that capture the essence of the session.

Tell attendees why they should check-out your session. What are they going to learn? Why should they be excited? This will be part of the published schedule and program.

Optional. Please give us any information beyond the Description above that would help us evaluate the proposal. What makes this session great? Where else have you spoken? Is this a new topic? This will only be visible to the planning committee.

Speaker Info

Tell us something about you. Why should people be excited to hear you speak? This will be part of the published schedule and program.

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Please supply a number where you can be reached during the conference. This is used in case the conference team needs to call you. Please include your full area code and/or an international calling code if outside the United States.

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The required "first name last name" will NOT be used but this WILL be published - use anonymous if desired

OPTIONAL How do we advertise you, both before and at con?

NOT published. Bullet points are good... detailed is great. Outline of the major talking points (no more than two pages, no less than 3/4ths of a page). This helps the CFP team actually understand your presentation as part of the speaker selection process. Sell us your talk -- why should this interest us, and interest the community?

DEF CON, other villages, Black Hat, Diana Initiative etc.

How long do you need for your presentation? With the extra ten minutes used to clear the room and allow the next presenter to get set up.

Skytalks 2022 call for proposals is powered by BusyConf
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Skytalks is opening our Call For Presentations for DEF CON 30.


The CFP opens on April 2, 2022 and the CFP ends on May 31, 2022. We will begin doing rolling acceptances starting the first week of May so increase your chances by submitting early!

If you are on the fence about attendance, please do submit and know you can withdraw at any point up to July 25, 2022. We’ll select a larger than usual pool of backup speakers this year to accommodate for this.


This year we will be using BusyConf for the CFP process - yes it’s a third party that collects data (so did our prior usage of google sheets!)

Note that you can put garbage in "First Name", "Last Name", and "Bio" fields if desired - these will NOT be published. BusyConf doesn’t allow us to remove these.

It is our strong recommendation that you assess your level of risk (are you just coming for our open off the record atmosphere? Or are you at personal or financial risk?). You may wish to consider doing the following:
-Submit using an email address you create solely for the purpose of this CFP (but you need to be able to check it!) Don’t use your real name for the email either.
-Use incognito window on your browser, if not someone else’ system
-Consider submitting from an unusual location and/or VPN (but most VPNs are garbage)

If none of the above satisfies your risk model, reach out to and we can arrange to accept your (text) submission using PGP etc and we’ll input it ourselves into the system.

Remember we’re in a casino complex, nothing is ever fully off the record.

Please note

All speakers must already be badged DEF CON attendees or be prepared to purchase their own entry badge for DEF CON. Skytalks currently cannot provide DEF CON badges for speakers, and Skytalks badges, while great keepsakes, do not provide access to DEF CON itself.